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Patent protection enables an inventor of a new product or design to have a monopoly to make, sell, use and/or import the item over entire United States. The staff of Law Offices of Sanjay Bhardwaj specialize in intellectual property, with special emphasis on patents. Let our patent practitioners provide you with reliable legal advice and exceptional service.


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A patent is important as it can safeguard the invention. It has protection over any product, design or process which meets specifications according to its originality, usefulness, suitability and utility. Generally a patent protection lasts twenty years.

For all the expert and consultancy services you need, turn to the experienced professionals at the Law Offices of Sanjay Bhardwaj in Fremont, California. Our specialty is providing services in the area of intellectual property, with emphasis on protection strategy consultancy. Professionals have worked as technologists in the areas of networking and processor design for startups as well as large companies. Patent search, validity opinions and scope and breadth of inventions are also analyzed.

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