Specialized Intellectual Property & Patent Processes Consultancy

Receive advice and service you can trust from the Law Offices of Sanjay Bhardwaj. Based in Fremont, California, we specialize in helping you protect your intellectual property with patent processes. Whether you have created a new invention or need help with process of already filed ones, we can help. Patent search, validity scope and opinions are also provided.

Legal Services-  Patent Assistance

Legal Services-  Patent Services
• Intellectual Property Services include
• Patent Processes
• Patent Scope and Coverage
• Patent Litigation & Licensing


The process begins with a review of invention disclosures, current and prior patents, and case files. Once our review is complete, we will meet with you for a consultation to discuss procedural support. We have a detailed technology background, along with expertise in determining the value of inventions. Patent professionals have filed patents in their own names as inventors, some of them are enumerated.

Method & Apparatus for Byte Rotation
Method & Apparatus for Data Alignment
Method & Apparatus for Adapting MAC & Network Processor Core to Packet Format Changes & for Mapping RPR Architecture over Spatial Reuse Architecture

Method & Apparatus for Frame Delineation
Lookup Engine for an Information Handling System
Generating an Encapsulating Header Based on Encapsulated Information Provided at Protocol Dependent Locations 


Contact our qualified legal team to make sure that your intellectual property matter receives the best attention.